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Custom Built Products

  • High Voltage Power Supply
  • Low voltage High Current Power Supply
  • High Voltage Pulse Modulator
  • Crowbar Equivalent High Voltage Switch
  • Custom made Power Supplies

Precision High Voltage Power Supplies :
We have designed and manufactured custom built Power Supplies. Advantages of procuring this product from us are-

  • Its an IMPORT substitute and of NATIONAL INTEREST
  • Its 100% Indigenous Development
  • We have well equipped setup with sophisticated test & measuring instruments
  • Latest software & hardware tools are used to build this product.

Eram Magnaflux has developed and successfully executed Projects with some respected organizations like BARC, RRCAT, IPR, ISRO, L&T, Indian Air Force, HAL and many more.



  • RRCAT, Indore: Laser Power Supply for Nd-Yg Laser Lamp (1999)

    Supplied 17 nos. of 100 KW Peak Power Microprocessor Based Programmable Laser Power Supplies to trigger the Nd-Yg Laser Lamp with Pulse used for cutting & welding objects with maximum accuracy. This Power Supply has 3Ph input of 6KW to 7KW capacity and delivering 100 KW into flash lamp with 25 kV trigger and 1.2 kV simmer, controlled by microprocessor, which can be programmed from PC.

    Few of these High Voltage Power Supplies are being used at various Atomic Research Centers like BARC Mumbai, NPCIL Tarapore, Kakrapar & Narrora, NFC Hyderabad and IGCAR Kalpakam

  • ISTRAC, Bangalore: Solid State Modulator (2006)


    Supplied IGBT Based Solid State Modulator of 40kV / 80A Pulse Power (Peak Power 3.2MW) suitable for 1 MW RF Power Magnetron.

    It is a fully SOLID STALE MODULATOR which generates -40kV Adjustable output pulse whose repetition rate & widths are decided by controller external to modulator. It is HIGH POWER, HIGH VOLTAGE & HIGH CURRENT PULSE Source for equipment like KLYSTRON / MAGNETRON. It provides stable, fast rise time high voltage pulse, which are easily adjustable for required voltage. Intra pulse droop is kept well below acceptable level

    Solid State Modulator of 40 kV / 80A Pulse Power


    • These Modulators are built with flexibility to configure various output combinations by re-connecting multiples of 1kV 80A cards.
    • The IGBT switch based SS Modulator are specially designed to be highly efficient, rugged and maintenance friendly.
    • All necessary care is taken in the design for high voltage switching environment.
    • In standby condition the SS Modulator does not generate high voltage and with EHT ON and BEAM OFF condition the presence of voltage is only to the extent of less than 50V and it is very safe for operator, as there are no high voltages at the output un-like other conventional pulsed radar modulators.
    • The efficiency of this modulator is high compared to its earlier versions.
    • This modulator does not require oil or vacuum tubes for high voltage and uses forced air for cooling.
    • Compact Design / Light weight / Low EMI and RFI / Tunable RRV / Custom designs available


    • Major application of this MODULATOR is Transmitter for Radar and other Pulse Power applications.
    • SS MODULATOR can be used with Magnetron & Pulsed Klystrons. SS MODULATOR can be configured as low voltage high current source viz. 2kV / 1600 AMPS.
    • 4 kV Module

    • 40 kV /80A Pulse Power Supply

    • Rectifier

  • RRCAT, Indore: Precision Regulated High Voltage DC Power Supply (2010)

    Developed an universal scheme for generating High Voltage by number of Modules. For processing input power we are taking 11kV as input line and with the help of two Transformers and four Rectifiers generating a 24 Pulse Power Supply which has unique advantage of excellent Power Factor and very less Input current distortion. This System generates DC bus of 500 – 800 Volts. This Bus is used by several modules which individually generate a voltage which can be summed up to give High Voltage of any amplitude (100kV)

    Advantages of the power supply designed by Magnaflux

    • The system can be easily backed up by Battery if slight failure of Power Supply is going to result in excessive recovery time.
    • The modules are flexible & can generate any voltage from 100 Volts to 2KV within the module upto a maximum power of 12 KW
    • The salient feature of this scheme is that it has virtually zero joules energy in the output so as to protect the connected load in case of arcing without need of crowbar
    • Staggering of several modules facilitate a low switching frequency for individual modules for good efficiency and very high effective switching frequency for faster output control. Our individual module frequency is approximately 18KHz while as effective switching frequency is 1.1MHz
    • These modules are up gradable to pulse rating from few microseconds to several milliseconds
    • The total system is input power friendly with very high PF & low current distortion
    • Centralized Processor is flexible and can be configured for any high voltage from 10KV to 100KV
    • The scheme needs no input line filters, due to its 24-pulse capability in the entire range of the operation